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2007-10-10 - 11:56 a.m.

I like how, in Lawrence Block's novels, his protagonists are always chowing down on scrambled eggs, bacon, and plenty of black coffee. It happens on every third page. Perhaps he gets a kick-back from the National He-Man Breakfast Lobby or something.

Does it make any sense to you that Natalie Cole's second album has never, til yesterday, been released on CD? It contains the lovely "quiet storm" (before there was such terminology) ballad "I've Got Love on My Mind," which figured somewhat into my pop music awakening as a kid, back when I attended to each incremental movement of the Top 40 the way a....diabetic monitors blood sugar levels (that was bad, I may have to come back and fix that line).

I remember going to my brother's high school talent show where he backed up a foreign exchange student singing that song in some heavy Scandinavian accent, with no nuance but plenty of oomph:

"...I've got LUFF!
On my MINDT!

And speaking of love, Love is a Mixtape, which I mentioned in passing a few weeks back, is a perfectly written memoir. It strikes just the right balance of self- (and other-) deprecating wise-assery, sentimental hyperbole, and quietly great writing informed by a deeply geeky knowledge of pop culture befitting a music journalist. This is one of my favorite non-fiction books of the past couple of years.

Chimps are patient, but not necessarily groovy.

The Dead C and Deadsy should tour together.

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