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2007-10-12 - 8:53 a.m.

This wiki-article about Spiral Galaxies contains more potential band names than any single work since Leviticus.

Nameless bands: get crackin'!

Bubble houses and Habitrail-type structures surely will happen soon, now that steel-like clear plastic has been invented!

I'm wondering how long it will be before tropical storms are named after corporate sponsors. "Hurricane Continental Airlines is raging in the Pacific, while Tropical Depression Microsoft is hovering over Florida."

(Tropical depressions are the best depressions--they usually include a delicious fruity cocktail.)

This weather today: mwah! Finally an October morning that warrants a (light) sweater.

You know how I like to tell you about books before I've actually read them? I'm about to do that again:

This morning I came into work and the new Tom Perotta novel was a-settin' there in all its good-smelling bookish glory. I am so excited. I have never not loved a TP book, and I seem to always read them in the fall, which is a nice tradition.

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