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2007-10-13 - 1:05 p.m.

Mysterious graffiti spotted in the bathroom of the Bay Ridge Donut Connection (and no, I can't pass by a Donut Connection without thinking of Kermit):

"...Mommie [heart] Melissa, 6/27/00..."

What could this mean? Is it an actual mommy marking, perhaps, the birth of her daughter? Or is "Mommie" a nickname? Does the graffito date from 2000, or is it of a more recent vintage?

Making it all the eerier is that it is the only graffiti in the bathroom--as if no one before or since had anything important to say.

This weekend I turn over the comments section to you--I would like to hear about the best bosses you ever worked for, and what made them good. You can post anonymously of course.

In light of the Wes Anderson discussion the other day, I enjoyed a repeat viewing of Royal Tenenbaums and I believe that my affection and admiration for the movie has grown even greater since the last time I saw it. (I also appreciated the presence of Ben Stiller, not a very Wes Anderson-y performer, who nevertheless is the center of the film and does a great job here.)

I now need to reconfigure my All Time Top Twenty Movies, a project I hope to undertake on a bus ride tomorrow.

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