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2007-10-17 - 11:21 a.m.

I finally got around to hearing the new Super Furry Animals album (it's available on Emusic), and it's really fun.

My favorite track currently is "Neo Consumer," a giddy little number that fuses the "My Sharona" hook with some shambling, happy rock revelry. But the rest of the record is great, too; for a short album it's got quite a bit of variety.

Also nice: the not really new but latest Caribou album, which seems really lush and grand compared to what I've heard in the past.

The MySpace page has my two favorite songs from the record: "Sandy" and "Melody Day."

Can we agree the best part of the hokey-pokey is when you put your whole self in, and take your whole self out? Anyone wanna challenge that?

This band Karate appeals to that part of me that likes The Sea and Cake and other so-called "post-rock" bands who can actually play their instruments. They probably can't help it if their singer sounds like Donald Fagen.

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