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2007-10-22 - 7:41 a.m.

Jeepers. The darkest monkey news of the year.

When I start my Christian heavy metal band, I shall call it "Wäfer."

(Uh, that's "Wafer" with an umlaut, if it's not displaying correctly on your screen.)

Saw a lovely Warnick show last night at Bar 4 in Windsor Terr/Park Slope. Good little low-key music space, and a fine performance, featuring my current favorite TW song, "Skull & Crossbones," which you can hear at the link above.

One of the highlights of my weekend was learning, in a yogic context, about the hyoid bone, a part of the anatomy I never knew existed.

The hyoid comes into play when you do backbends, and when that wily mysterious bone is engaged correctly during backbends, one can elongate the spine instead of compressing it, which fosters the freedom and healthy functioning of the spine and the lungs. And when your spine and lungs are doin' their business correctly, everything else falls into place.

In researching the hyoid just now I discovered this nice article about self-massage for singers.

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