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2007-10-25 - 10:18 a.m.

I was writing a short bio about Debbie Gibson for work, and musing about Our Deb.

One of the additional steps in the bio process here is providing a list of contemporaries, followers, and influences. The influences were no problem (Billy Joel, Elton John) and the contemporaries were haphazardly created by history, but the lack of real followers made me appreciate how rare her contribution to pop music was. There aren't a lot of teenagers who write, sing, and produce their own material, some of it dang catchy. Schlocky? Yes, but at least it didn't take a committee of 12 song doctors to come up with "Shake Your Love." (And "Only in my Dreams" is as good as any top 40 song, ever.)

Plus, Debbie was the source of one of my favorite rock-star quotes, which I have repeated ad infinitum through the years. A reporter asked her if she was seeing anyone, and she shrugged, "Nah. Music is my boyfriend."

Here's the Deb with the Circle Jerks. Skip over the Kurt Loder part if you can.

Why are so many 20-somethings (male and female) named "Taylor"? Was that a soap opera character in the 80s or something?

"...Skijoring is one of the fastest growing sled dog sports!..."

Blondie concert, 1979 (You may have to register.)

Did you know that Terence Trent D'Arby is now Sananda Maitreya? Same sort of good rock/soul songwriting, now without the supra-sized ego.

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