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2007-10-31 - 11:19 a.m.

The Best Mystery Stories of 2007 is out in the world now, and a lot of these well-chosen stories are not really genre pieces at all. The one by Chris Adrian is an effective little slab of gothic fiction that makes me want to try one of his novels.

But meanwhile, I'm on my third Lawrence Block and liking it immensely. I've just started his "Tanner" series, whose protagonist hasn't slept for 15 years. The first one, from 1966, is set in the East Village and LES, and I always enjoy fiction set in NYC, but written in other eras.

Yesterday I bought some supermarket ice cream and was not prepared for how transcendentally delicious it was going to be. Edy's French Silk! Even the name is great. For what could be silkier than French silk? You don't really want to eat a dessert that's only as silky as Lithuanian silk.

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