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2007-11-04 - 11:38 p.m.

Almost by accident, I saw the front-runners of the Marathon as they came off the Verazzano and onto 4th Avenue this morning. I usually forget about the race until it's already well past my house, but I was on my way to the subway at just the right moment. It's a nice shot of adrenalin to see these men and women trotting along, still relatively fresh.

And, weirdly, during my three minute sidewalk cheering tenure, I scored a pair of gloves, thrown right at my feet, and a fleece pullover that one of the runners literally handed to me as she ran by.

I wanted to like Dan in Real Life, and elements of it are certainly likable. But mostly it felt like watching a live-action J. Crew catalog. All those sweaters! All that touch football! And the premise was just kinda weak. But, ya know--Steve Carell is always fun to watch.

Oh, and there's a charming scene in which Carell and Dane Cook duet on this song.

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