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2007-11-08 - 12:22 p.m.

"...Number of superclusters in the visible universe = 10 million..."

I like these Malajube folks from Montreal. Their music is majestic and pretty, and they sing and think in a foreign tongue. It seems they are on tour down here as well.

Normally, I would not be reporting on the latest Queensryche album, but I am a sucker for covers projects, and this one is kinda neat.

Every cover here is a more intense version of its original: "Synchronicity II," "Red Rain," "Welcome to the Machine," and, weirdest of all, "Almost Cut My Hair."


And speakin' of covers, I've stated in these very web pages my preference for Bob Dylan covers over originals, and the I'm Not There soundtrack does not disappoint!

My favorite track is the Black Keys doing "Wicked Messenger"--good performance, and not a boringly over-heard song.

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