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2007-11-09 - 10:54 a.m.

L.A. Times* versus The Onion: who to believe??

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Why God Invented iTunes Shuffle, or "Everybody's Got a Long Tail. C'mon, Simone, Let's Talk About Your Long Tail"

The first few times I heard the National's Boxer earlier this year, I liked it enough to make note of it, but was soon distracted by other new releases. But last night I was startled anew by the song "Fake Empire" (available for listening at that MySpace link), a truly lovely song.

I am similarly mildly awed every time something by Harmonia comes up on shuffle, even though on the first few listens I just liked 'em ok.

I shall never get over the beauty and wonder of iTunes.

Also: Joe Lally's second album is really nice, very subtle, much like last year's debut solo record.

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