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2007-11-16 - 10:24 a.m.

Hey, Wordy Wordington, play this word game and donate rice while you're sprucing up your vocabulary.

The less alky-hol I drink, the less I can tolerate it, but every once in a while a cocktail feels appropriate--for example, last night as I watched a lovely Kirsten Williams and John Pinamonti show at Bar on A.

So I have invented a drink just for such occasions--the Cosmonaut!

The Cosmonaut = a half a shot of vodka and about 17 gallons of club soda. It's sparkly and pretty, and bartenders who are reluctant to make special request drinks are usually ok about following the instructions for this one.

I'm reading a bunch o' books this week, but the most noteworthy is the collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Pat Hobby stories that I found on a throw-out pile recently.

These are great, all about a struggling screenwriter in Hollywood.

I knew I was in for a good time when a line on one of the first few pages made me laugh out loud.

Pat is in his office on Christmas Eve, and he has just been assigned a new secretary, who comes in, sits down at the typewriter, and bursts into tears.

"Cheer up," he advised her. "This is Christmas."

Be forewarned: I just got a whole new stack of German CDs from work (I have been pegged as the go-to blurb writer for krautrock), so I may be in a bit of a groove for the next few days.

Last night before the KW/JP show, I purchased my outerwear accessories for Winter '07/08, and am happy to have found a bargain-priced set of some gloves that I have been coveting for a while now.

And one last thought for Friday: there are men who do yoga, but apparently, there are no boyfriends who do yoga. This is scientifically verifiable.

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