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2007-11-22 - 12:51 p.m.


I declare I'm Not There a great film, poetic and stunning.

Like Velvet Goldmine it is a fictionalized, surreal "biography" of a real person, with an amazing soundtrack, dreamy visuals, the occasionally (and probably intentional) arch moment offset by the utter brilliance and subtlety of the rest of it.

All the "Bob Dylans" in the film are good, but Heath Leger's performance is the most emotionally resonant and Cate B's is the most fun. (Plus she gets to be Dylan at his most interesting career phase.)

Without giving too much away, there is at least one laugh-out-loud moment involving "the Beatles," and one of the most powerful, clever sight gags in recent memory employed during a scene at the fictionalized "Newport Folk Festival," circa New Electric Bob.

My only criticism is that it goes on a bit too long--I would have been happy with about 10-15 minutes shaved off. Still, I had a great time watching and look forward to seeing it again on video, hopefully with lotsa juicy extras.

(Happy Thanksgiving)

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