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2007-11-26 - 12:15 p.m.

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Dan does Toronto

From the publishing company that brought you the Philippine Presidents book comes this groundbreaking work by Dr. Amazing His author bio is worthy of his name.

Whatcha doin' Wednesday?

Nothing? I figured.

Something? Even so, drop your plans and come out to the Parkside Lounge where a lovely show shall ensue!

8:30: I'll be playing with the Scurvy Merchants. No new songs this time around (I've got a couple in the hopper for next time), but we have dusted off two oldies, and I have a new pair of pants!

9:15: Tom Warnick and The World's Fair. These guys (including Ross, Sharples, and Dave Dorbin) are on a roll...the last few times I've seen them they have been in crispy, top form.

The first time I laid eyes on Tom, he was performing a song at the Monday night Antihoot at the Sidewalk Cafe, back in the, whoa, '90s:

Burnin' up
burnin' up burnin' up
burnin' up
and all the fire trucks
in the world won't help!

I thought to myself--there's a guy who values absurd hyperbole as much as I do, and sure enough we became friends.

10:00: Erica Smith and the 99 Cent Dreams. Rumor has it that the set will be jazz-oriented, and there may be black turtlenecks involved.

Erica's originals and cover choices are always top-notch, her voice is beautiful, and her band is basically Love Camp 7 plus man-about-town Alan Young on bass.

10:45: John Sharples's Homicide Holiday Party. Sharples is a charismatic front man and connoisseur of covers (he does stuff by obscure bands like the “Beatles” as well as by local geniuses like Dan Kilian) and his band includes the best rhythm section (Andy & Joe) and guitarist (Ross) in New York.

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