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2007-11-29 - 12:18 p.m.

How was last night different from all other nights?


There was a show! And though almost all the pictures I took of the audience and the other bands did not come out (I’m still getting used to the camera!), I can verify that the Scurvy Merchants played:

Warnick did the best set ever…I got no photographic proof, but suffice to say he used a hammer as a prop on almost every song, and covered “Guilty” by birthday boy Randy Newman.

And Erica Smith and 99 Cent Dreams classed up the joint with their café society set:

And then Homicide Holiday Party rocked the house with the most bitchin’ version of Box of Crayon’s “Brooklyn."

It was a chummy, beautiful night, and I’m still feeling the blissful after-effects.

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