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2007-12-03 - 12:23 p.m.

Who else could poke me out of my digital-only existence but Robyn Hitchcock?

I was planning on just downloading some of the new RH b-sides/rarities, but I am fondling the new box set here at work, and it is wonderful--extensive personal liner notes (including poetry!), two whole discs of aforementioned rarities, neat little cardboard sleeves. I may actually spring for this, making it the first non-friend CD I've purchased in...years, mebbe?

Other Monday bits:

  • Chavez!

  • Uranium!

  • Have decided that "Night Liquids" is a not a name I will use for a band.

  • Have crafted my Best Albums of 2007 list! Waiting for the Right Time to unleash it.

    I settled up a three-year-old bill at the NYPL at lunchtime, and got my replacement card (immediately--including a smaller keychain card) for the one I'd lost in 2004. I am excited beyond reason--even the little branch 'berries tend to be excellent, and of course interlibrary loan gives you access to pretty much everything ever written. My future swollen backlog cries out in anguish "No! Do not add to me!" and I heed not its horrified groans.

    Rivers Cuomo meditates.

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