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2007-12-05 - 8:39 p.m.

This is a construction site that I pass every day on my way to work. And every day I fantasize that the crane crashes to the ground, but no one gets hurt.

Made it through the company party unscathed, barely finished my Cosmonaut, was out in time to get to my Wednesday night yoga class.

You know that feeling when you're walking down the street and suddenly you're face to face with someone and neither one of you knows exactly where to maneuver your body to let the other person pass by, and so you both start veering to the left--no! the right! No! and for about 5 seconds the entire universe feels likes it's spinning* off its axis until one of you just steps way off to one side with an embarrassed chuckle?

That is how I feel at parties, even good ones where I like everybody--unnerved and off-kilter, and obligatory work-type parties are especially challenging for me. So to be able to say, "Well, that's over and it wasn't so bad," is a very good feeling indeed. Meeeeeerrrrry Christmas!

*OK, I know the universe itself doesn't spin. I'm being poetical-like.

But more importantly, Happy Birthday, Knut!! You live in a zoo.

More zoo birthdays!

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