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2007-12-13 - 1:13 p.m.

Generally, when it comes to fashion trends, my opinions are formed quickly and last forever.

I will never like those white-framed sunglasses, clam diggers, or yoga gauchos (which not only look awful on just about everyone, but aren't even functional as yoga pants).

However, there is a current style that I am on the fence about, both as an obsever and a participant, and that is pants tucked into boots.

On the one hand, it is kinda cool-looking, especially if you have a pair of boots that you really like (like my awesome Madden Girl Zarah boots).

On the other hand, it can make one look like a lady traffic cop, or, if the boots have high heels, like a disco-era back-up singer (or Barbra Streisand in A Star is Born).

Also--when I was in my formative years, one never, ever rolled up jeans or tucked them in, it was totally cornball-style. That's what "boot cut jeans" were for--to slouch appealingly around the ankle as if to say "I am wearing boots, but you can't see them, because you don't deserve it." So, though times have changed, my inner teenager flinches a little whenever I see this.


Dan Sallitt put some nice video clips up on YouTube of the 11/28 Parkside show, including a song by Scurvy Merchants (warning--I hit some mildly embarassing vocal clams here) and Homicide Holiday Party's version of "When Amy Says," the original of which may be found here.

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