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2007-12-22 - 9:58 p.m.

Here are some things that made me happy today:

  • Buck 65's boho, Nova Sco-ho version of hip-hop.

  • Steam

    Steam room

  • My compellingly red coffee mug from Perch (a great li'l Park Slope bistro), perched atop my handy M-Audio input box, which allows me to make rickety demo's that I won't let anyone hear.

    Mug and Audio input box

  • CoffeeMilk the Spaniel (with unidentified friend in the window of my local pet store) who somehow has not been adopted despite obvious charms


  • Although these guys ain't slouches, neither

    More puppies

    even more puppies

  • A trip to Bay Ridge's coolest waffle purveyors...


    ...where the clock seems to have stopped circa 1963...

    Inside Hinsch

    ...for some of the aforementioned waffly excellence, and a sassy waitress who mocked my use of Splenda

    Waffles w/Whipped Cream

  • Holiday cheer overcoming my grudging consumerism and general brokeness

    Santa on Ambulance

  • A renewed relationship with one of my favorite mystery writers, via her last novel

    Hope your day was satisfying, too!

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