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2008-01-16 - 2:48 p.m.

One of my favorite meditation authors, Stephen Levine, and his equally cool wife Ondrea (who some New Yorkers may also know as Noah Levine's dad and stepmom) are experiencing some hard times, and there are easy ways to help.

One of the many-splendored things about living in the Ridge is that, although my work commute is 45-60 minutes, my ocean commute is about 10 minutes.

Brighton Beach boardwalk

Little Russia by the sea

Which means I get to shuffle around in the sand on cold dark nights, and warm up with some Ukrainian borscht...

Ukrainian borscht

And other items less pronounceable (but cheap!)...

I dunno what I'm eating...

And then for dessert:

Puppy Window


Mitzi leaning

After the borscht jaunt, I watched the Ramones doc that I missed a few years back.

The Ramones--their first album especially--were an early and crucial influence on me, but eventually, and not so long after that initial blast, I got interested in other things, and it seemed like they were doing ok without me...

This kinda sad documentary, while delightfully full of great early footage of the band at CBs, told me much more than I wanted to know--all that personal and interpersonal dysfunction and backsniping seems so out of keeping with what they appeared to be about.

I did enjoy learning that Dee Dee wrote the bulk of their greatest songs--and that I had thankfully escaped all knowledge of his fa-fa-fa-funky phase.

I liked seeing that Tommy seems to have had an interesting, creative life since being replaced by that False Ramone, Marky.

And I was reminded what a transcendently wonderful song "I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement" is. Yeow.

(And after some googling, I found this weird site.)

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