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2008-01-23 - 9:02 p.m.

I spent Monday and Tuesday and part of today in bed with the flu, a very interesting little adventure. The achey part was miserable, but the fever leant a sweetly psychedelic flavor to everything.

I watched an episode of Columbo and realized that the show works so much better when you've got the fever-n-ague.

Then I watched the most retarded movie of all time. Seriously, it's like the script was written by a high school drama club, given an assignment to write about "what individualism means to us."

Given that Ayn Rand adapted her own novel for the screen, I have to ask anyone who read the book--is it as clumsy, clunky, humorless, and morally black-and-white as the movie?

And then, catching up with the latest, I learned about Heath Ledger, a sad bit of news.

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