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2008-01-28 - 11:13 a.m.

I enjoyed a full and yet lazy weekend of music and recuperatin'.

It all started when I picked up my newly re-soled boots:

My newly resoled boots

Getting shoes repaired produces a deep sense of well-being in me. For one thing, it's nice not to give up on an article of clothing that's never given up on you--and for less than half the price of a pair of new boots, I've got a souped-up version of a pair that I already know I love. And it feels good to patronize the friendly cobbler around the corner, one of the few artisans that I still rely on for a service/good.

Then, on Friday evening I saw a lovely set by Miss Erica at the Parkside, in celebration of her excellent new album. Erica was in great voice, and the band really brought it, especially on the title track and the achingly sad encore whose title I have never learned but I'm guessing is "The Hangman"...

Baker solos

From there, I dashed off to Music Hall o' Williamsburg to see the Super Furry Animals.

Super Furry Animals 4

I have come to adore this band, and seeing them live only endeared me more. From roughly two hours of music did not emerge a single boring moment--the band is amazingly tight and the music is brilliant--both soothingly familiar and sui generis, with its Chewbacca vocals and roller-coaster melodies...

I have to put in a good word for the venue, too. Good sound, spacious and comfortable--I felt respected as a customer and music listener. (And the company was good, too. Hi Chris!)

Saturday night was all about karaoke at Hope & Anchor, as part of a birthday celebration.

Closing hour draws near

I duetted on "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" with my visiting ex-husband, which was apposite and funny, although later I couldn't get the song out of my head and it made me mournful and gloomy. "And the king and queen went back to the green, but you can never go back there again...." Thank you, Billy Joel.

But still--very fun evening. Here's the birthday girl doing an amazing "Son of a Preacherman"

Birthday girl Robin

And Sunday, I watched Eastern Promises, which I was not expecting to like at all, but which really haunted me. For those who saw it in the theater, the DVD has a featurette about the Russian mafia tattoo system.

Apparently, the tattoos were not a big part of the original script, but Viggo Mortenson did a lot of research on them, and their importance to Russian mobsters, and it changed the whole look and flavor of the final draft of the screenplay.

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