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2008-02-06 - 4:47 p.m.

Some tidbits for a rainy misty Wednesday afternoon:

  • Hannah Montana and The Mars Volta are both in the Billboard top ten this week. Thank you, America.

  • My poll volunteers yesterday were named Sunesh and Engelbert. Thank you, Sunset Park.

  • I voted for the O-man, but am not upset that the Hill won New York.

  • My ATM card number/PIN were somehow hacked last week and the hacker used this info to buy gas several times in Palm Coast, Florida. Sadly, this is the most exciting personal event of the week for me, aside from the re-release of Tiny Bubbles and Other Hawaiian Hits.

  • Given that the word "fob" has really fallen out of popular use, and I don't like the word "blog," I hereby rechristen this vehicle as a web-fob, or "bfob" for shortskies.

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