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2008-02-13 - 9:53 p.m.

Follow-up to book report! The rest of BNRR2K7 is shaping up to be excellent, with funny and well-done pieces by Jonathan Ames (who went to my high school, hey!), Alison Bechdel, and even excerpts from The Edge's "Dangerous Idea" symposium, which we discussed in detail about a year ago.

Well, Saint Valentine's Day is upon us!

People (subset: boyfriends) are sometimes surprised that I am a big fan of the holiday. I posit: what's not to like?

  • Good color scheme: red, pink, purple

  • Lacy frilly Victoriana

  • An abundance of chocolate, cookies, and other frosted items

    I like V-day when I'm single, I like it when I'm coupled. Even the V-day that I was horribly, perversely dumped did nothing to put me off the day.

    (Besides, being proposed to on Valentines Day 2K made up for it.)

    Mostly, I like the fact that there's a day reserved to tell/show/reinforce/surprise the ones you care about that you care about 'em, and to reflect with gratitude on the love that's present in your life, whether it's romantic love, family love, agape, or whatever else you freaks are into.

    I have been blessed with great loves, past and present, and I hope you have, too.

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