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2008-02-15 - 11:10 a.m.

Last night I had a thoroughly enjoyable musical evening.


For it was the Duke Spirit at Union Hall!

(I did not partake of the joy of bocce but I watched)


Despite (or because?) of having played the night before at the Merc, they put on a highly energetic hour-long show. Nonstop rockin'.

Duke Spirit

I'm always fascinated by the variety of ways a band can be excellent. The Dukes don't have great songs, the musicianship is workmanlike, but they are a five-person charisma machine with a perfectly crafted live set, and I sense that they will not be playing little clubs in Brooklyn for much longer.

(Thanks to Jonderneathica for first pointing them out to me.)

And from the magical to the magically mundane, I have just discovered the office supplies/stationery section of CB2 on lower Broadway. The chain's website doesn't seem to include this stuff, but they have cheap beautiful notebooks and a build-your-own-pen bar where you can assemble a writing implement from various ink cartridges and plastic holders.

Watching Lady Chatterley the other day made me want one thing only: a really cool pair of old-timey boots. When my ship comes in, I'd love to get some from this purveyor of vintage reproductions.

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