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2008-02-19 - 11:12 a.m.

British Sea Power is such an aptly named band--even though they are an arty ensemble, and capable of pretty moments ("Open the Door") they exude an all-hands-on-deck masculinity, with shouted unison choruses that sound like the crew of the S.S. Bounty making their first album after landing on Pitcairn Island.

Their latest album is epic, grand, full of joyous reverb and pounding drums and palpable Britishosity that will make anyone who came of age reading Trouser Press say, "Now that's music."

For a more American take on the rock music, though, there's the simple but satisfying garage-rock--one part Red Kross, one part White Stripes--of the Faceless Werewolves. You could do worse.

I propose a new toast. Next time you're drinking and are tempted to say, "Na zda'rovye!" try saying "Microbial!" It sounds similar, and alludes subtly to the germ-killing properties of alcohol.

The Sidney Lumet retrospective is still going on at Film Forum, and I got a chance to see The Pawnbroker this weekend, a devastating film filled with great, natural performances (amidst some forgivable over-the-top moments.) It's gone from the FF, but it's 'flixable.

Note to fans of WFMU's old Aerial View program: this film is the source of the "late at night, man, you get outer the man your tone, baby!" speech that used to open Chris T's show.

And while you're 'flixing, don't forget to queue Red Dawn. Actually, on second thought, do forget.

Red Dawn 2

"You'll see how they forget about these...Wolverines!"

Red Dawn 3

"Avenge me!"

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