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2008-02-22 - 11:48 a.m.

Happy Friday, and for New Yorkers, happy first real snowfall of the winter day. It's time for the iTunes meme that Flasshe, Steve, and others have been gettin' up to.

Feel free to play along at home!

(Although I'm a little disappointed that there's no question about "How many songs do you have with the word 'Gravel' in the title?" Cuz the answer would be "two.")

Total length?

5980 songs, 48.6 days

First and last songs (by title)

First: "-->" - Andrew Bird
Last: "Zombieland" - T-Bone Burnett

Sort by time - shortest and longest

Shortest: - "Underture" - Mercury Rev (0:04)
Longest: "Last Night Of The Angel Of Glass 2" - Robert Opalio (46:22)

Sort by Album - first and last

10:01 - Rogue Wave
Z - My Morning Jacket

Sort by Artist - first and last

Youssou N'Dour

Top five played songs

(Note: Aside from the Larch and Kelley Stoltz, this accounting is a slightly inaccurate reflection of my actual tastes and probably due to "shuffle")

"Not Enough For Me" - High Tension Wires
"Bombshell Star" -The Larch
"Add It Up" - Violent Femmes
"Jenny Artichoke" - Kaleidoscope
"Everybody’s Doing It" - The Howling Hex

Find the following words. How many songs show up?

Sex: 20
Death: 74 (Death Cab and Death From Above 1979 mostly to blame)
Love: 295
You: 653
Home: 33
Boy: 85
Girl: 92

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle

"Ironsides" - Latin Playboys
"If You Gotta Go" - The Flying Burrito Brothers
"Main Street Electrical Parade" - Richard Davies
"My Mathematical Mind" - Spoon
"Heavily Broken" - The Veronicas


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