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2008-02-25 - 12:04 p.m.

As always, Cintra Wilson does a much better job of making fun of the Oscars than I could, given that I was sort of half-watching and half-doing-laundry. But man, it was so boring.

The only comments that come to mind the morning after:

I'm glad that Tilda Swinton won, I loved her weird speech and her startling poise.

I'm gratified somehow that a real song--"Falling Slowly"--won, although outside the context of the movie I find this number a little cloying.

Javier Bardem's and Daniel Day Lewis's speeches were both great...and I am a little worried about Harrison Ford.

Jon Stewart's best line, oft-quoted already, probably: "...Normally when you see a black man or a woman president, an asteroid is about to hit the Statue of Liberty..."

All the dresses were good.


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