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2008-03-03 - 11:58 a.m.

Today I was called upon to review an album by Winds Of Plague called Decimate The Weak. I looked up the title in the database here at work, and learned that several other bands have expressed strong opinions, via album titles, about what we as a society should do to the weak. Here are some fun suggestions:

Dementor takes a practical, utilitarian approach, counseling us to Enslave the Weak (which makes sense, given that the weak are famous for their hard work). The cuddly Aryan ensemble Pantheon takes a harder stance and asks us to Crush the Weak, although they’ve left out any mention of the proper tools to do so, whereas Jungle Rot leaves much to the imagination with the evocative Slaughter the Weak. (Although I may be misreading--perhaps this is simply an indictment against Murray from the Mary Tyler Moore Show.)

I recently watched Gone Baby Gone and was pretty impressed with Ben Affleck's directorial debut. It occupies a similar niche as Clint Eastwood's more recent pictures--basically a mainstream film, and subject to all the nonsensicalities of such, but done with artful, human touches and good performances. Plus: a satisfying and twisty ending and Ed Harris (looking strangely like Viggo Mortenson).

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