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2008-03-05 - 11:56 a.m.

A while back I mentioned reserving the latest Newbery Award winning book at the BPL, and I finally got it yesterday.

Itís a cool little book, written by a public school librarian, featuring several dramatic monologues from the points of view of children inhabiting a small medieval village.

When I was the intended age range for such a thing, I would have automatically dismissed it as "totally gay," and gone back to my S. E. Hinton, but coming at it as an adult, it resonates more. It reads much like Rilkeís "Song of the Blind Man," "Song of the Dwarf," "Song of the Suicide," etc., and no gory medieval detail is spared.

Speaking of Rilke, hereís the entire Duino Elegies online, translated decently enough by this A. S. Kline fellow.

I have some fun gigs coming up, which Iíll post about in greater detail as they come up, but briefly:

  • I and the French Inhalers will be playing at Banjo Jim's on Wednesday, March 19, with Lenny Kaye, Adam Levy, and Bobby Previte.

  • On April 12, I will be swappin' some songs with Philip Shelley, and my brother Bob in Maplewood, NJ

  • And this weekend: Beefstock!

    Hereís a photo from the first-ever Beefstock.

    Pictured (l Ė r): Donna Upton, Dave Benjoya, unidentified fiddle player who died of coughing a few days later, Andy Mattina.

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