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2008-03-11 - 11:27 a.m.

OK, Beefstock photos here. Sadly, this only represents Friday night through early Saturday evening, after which my memory stick was full.

("Memory stick" is one of my favorite recent expressions.)

If any attendees have a more complete record of the event, feel free to include links in the ol' comments section!

I went to see the documentary Girls Rock! for work, and in a short while will need to write an articulate, cohesive assessment of it. Right now all I can do is blather and froth: this movie about a rock-n-roll camp for girls is so profoundly touching, so beautiful, that I am getting a little teary writing this.

Not everyone is going to have this response, and I daresay some of the ideology behind it is annoyingly pat. But the main message is simple and necessary: everyone needs to express him or herself, and rock music is a handy vehicle to stand up and allow yourself to be heard, no matter who you are, what you look like, or what your ability level is.

Further, the film shows real cooperation and support between girls who, in their everyday lives, are probably pressured to compete with each other and put each other down. As one mother of a camper says tearfully, "This camp shows girls how to treat each other better."

Anyone struggling with writer's block, or jadedness about the simple necessity of art, would also do well to watch this film, in which kids who never played an instrument before learn a) how to play, b) how to sing, c) how to write songs and d) how to perform, all in the space of a week. It is truly inspiring.

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