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2008-03-13 - 12:28 p.m.

The NewYorker has a piece about the fascinating website wherein folks can divulge their nighttime dreams about Obama and Clinton.

Wading through the contents gives a general overview of the Dreamtime versions of our Democratic hopefuls, and fits right in with something I've been thinking a lot about recently.

A few months ago I read Karen Armstrongís A Short History of Myth, a great little book that I took, at the time, to be a personal validation, as it's all about the inevitability of the spiritual imagination.

I.e., you can't really get away from that annoying gremlin in your head that produces waking dreams, and creation myths, and abstractions, and beliefs that don't make any rational sense but that give your life meaning anyway.

I'm a big fan of all the above.

Anyway, I was reading the book just at the point when, Super Tuesday on the horizon, everyone I knew was all a-blurble with talk of Obama and Clinton, and I found myself increasingly dismayed by the guarded cynicism about Obama and outright hostility towards Hillary Clinton. Because maybe the human, earthly Obama and Clinton deserve such scrutiny (negative and positive), but the mythical Obama and Hillary, to me, are supernovas of possibility. Or, to mix metaphors, they are the slow-moving river of myth that gravity has turned into a landform, the culmination of our American idea that anyone can be president if they set their mind to it.

It almost seems like people are embarrassed to set aside the wariness for one minute and just celebrate the good fortune of all this.

Anyway, this site reminded me of that particular mind-storm that haunted me for much of the early winter, and Iím happy that someone else is paying attention to this aspect of the presidential race.

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