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2008-03-27 - 10:40 a.m.

If I had a pet leopard, I would name him "Mos Def."

And if I had a klezmer band, I would name it "Typhoid Shlomo."

RIP to Cachao, the much revered source of Mambo Fever.

I just wrote a bio about him for work last week. If this trend continues, you may expect sad news about Flyleaf, Richard Lloyd, and Philip Glass in the next few days.

This and other brilliant "song charts" can be found at this Flickr page

Usually I like Gina Kolata ("...and getting caught in the rain...") but her article about runner's high struck me as bizarrely navel-gaze-y:

"...Yes, some people reported that they felt so good when they exercised that it was as if they had taken mood-altering drugs. But was that feeling real or just a delusion? And even if it was real, what was the feeling supposed to be, and what caused it?..."

Gina! Why ruin things with a lot of talk? If it feels good, it feels good. I'd say that's nature's way of telling you to keep jogging.

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