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2008-04-01 - 9:48 a.m.

Meditation can save your life.

Rebecca Turner, one of my favorite songwriters and also a swell human being, hosts a monthly "song swap" near her home in New Jersey.

This month, I am honored to be playing, along with my brother Bob, Rebecca herself, and the wonderful Philip Shelley.

Also appearing are Val Emmich and Ken Shane.

I believe the way it works is that we each take a turn playing a song, and then one member of the group is voted out of the cafe--that person goes and stands in the parking lot.

This process is repeated until there is only one singer/songwriter left, and that person is crowned the King or Queen of New Jersey.

(This is merely a ceremonial position with no actual governing power.)

The scoop:

Saturday April 12
4:30 pm

Cafe Meow
1878 Springfield Ave
Maplewood, New Jersey

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