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2008-04-02 - 11:52 a.m.

I love this video of stroke-recoverer and brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor

Mmmm....mac and cheese.

Congrats are in order to my brother-in-law Eli, for this rave review for his performance in Rounding Third.

Did you know that Daryl Hannah is a big proponent of "off-grid living" and indeed has a whole website and web-TV show about it? Interesting.

(Warning to folks who care: that DH site launches a video with a loud-ish song)

For the cat people:

While I don't really understand you, I am still looking out for you. This neat compilation from one of my favorite UK labels is coming out this month, and itís got a whole lot of great early-rock-era songs with a kitty-cat theme. This collection introduced me to this fantastic song:

I have also been really enjoying the Gutter Twins album.

The songs are mopey and minor-keyish but powerful, which is not surprising. When you put two fellas like Greg Dulli and Mark Langean in a studio together, youíre not gonna get The Go! Team.

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