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2008-04-05 - 11:48 a.m.

Hey, Emusic seems to have acquired a bunch of Rolling Stones albums. Good move.

When it comes to visual art, I know what I like on a visceral level, I know what art moves me and what I want to look at and live with, but I have a hard time articulating why, and of course I know so little of what's out there that my choices are random and without context.

Kind of like the co-worker who tells you, "I really like [some band you love]."

And you say, "Oh, cool, so do I."

And they say, "I also really like Crash Test Dummies."

And you say, "Oh."

Anyway, I went to the Whitney Biennial yesterday, and enjoyed looking at everything. About 1/3 of it worked for me, the rest was either just meh or obviously the work of some callow youth with good technique but nothin' to say.

Among the stuff that I liked best:

  • Carol Bove's Night Sky Over Manhattan

  • Mika Rottenberg's Cheese

  • Louise Lawler's photos

  • Eduardo Sarabia's The Gift

  • Phoebe Washburn's Enhancing a Deep Down Thirst...

  • Adam Putnam's Green Hallway installation, which is hard to represent in 2-D...

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