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2008-04-08 - 10:11 a.m.

Need a Mother's Day gift, and out of ideas?

This book by everyone's favorite news personality, Cokie Roberts looks good, and it's got the word "mother" in it.

It will be interesting, exciting, and perhaps nostalgic to see Robyn Hitchcock play tomorrow. He is among my most-spectated musicians. I saw him so many times in the '90s that I declared a moratorium and have not seen him since the Soft Boys reunion a few years back.

I've seen him play free, "secret" shows in tiny cafes, and medium-venue shows with secret guest stars, and sort-of-secret post-show extended encores, and non-secret shows in regular places, and I was in the audience when this great concert movie was being filmed. So we go way back.

Who are the bands you've seen live the most? (And if there's a more grammatically correct way to say that, lemme know)

Mine are:

Freedy Johnston
Throwing Muses/Kristin Hersh
Yo La Tengo
They Might Be Giants

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