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2008-04-09 - 8:56 a.m.

Apparently, this band Neva Dinova has been around since the early '90s, but I've only just caught wind of them.

Appreciators of Okkervil River, slide guitars, and gently-rendered country-tinged rock will go for them, although the Presley-ish pastiche that is the lead song on their MySpace page misrepresents their sound--on songs like "She Can't Change" and "Clouds" they shine in a more unique way.

The other album I've been getting into is Richard Swift's latest double CD on Secretly Canadian. Generally, Swift sounds like an indie Nilsson, verging on show-tunage, but on this latest project he's all over the place, from angsty, sloppy punk-pop to fake dub to attempted bluesiness. It's interesting and fun.

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