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2008-04-14 - 2:10 p.m.

What a great weekend.

It started, as weekends do, on Friday evening with a viewing of the documentary Young@Heart, about a chorus of old folks in Northampton who sing punk and pop songs under the guidance of a bossy jerk with a heart of gold.

It starts out feeling all wrong...kind of patronizing and ridiculous, but about an hour into it, I really warmed up to the movie and the people in it. Like Girls Rock it is an affirmation of the power of song and community. It also has some really funny moments, cuz old people are so darn cute, when they're not reminding you of your imminent physical decline and impending death.

Saturday was the song swap, which was so much fun, a really happy mingling of friends (some of whom I hadn't seen in years) and family. It was my nephew Philip's birthday and we sang to him and had cupcakes:

The quality of songwritin' was high, given that the participants included Rebecca Turner...


...and Philip Shelley...

Philip Shelley

...and my brother Bob...


I urge anyone who lives out that way, or has access to a car, to attend the next swap on May 10, where the performers will be Pat Karwan, Matt Davis, John Pinamonti, Barry Ryan, and the Cucumbers' Deena Shoshkes.

Sunday was yoga teachin' and rehearsing with my awesome band, followed by the making of spaghetti sauce--momentous because I don't believe I've ever made my own sauce before--and a partial viewing of Walk Hard, which I haven't finished watching cuz I fell asleep, but dang so far it is very funny. The Beatles segment had me a-snorflin'--it goes on a bit longer than what's in this clip, and gets better.

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