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2008-04-18 - 11:31 a.m.

This news story has it all: orangutans, Girl Scout cookies, kick-ass youthful activism, Jane Goodall.

One of my favorite aspects of being a rockstar having a band is watching a song go from a couple of words on a scrap of paper, to a meaningful tangle of chords and melody and lyrics, to a crudely recorded demo shyly proffered to the boyz, to a full-band arrangement, to a song that is toddling around in the world on its own, mugging old ladies and shoplifting from Foodtown.

I've got a new one of those, which I and my Galaxy Clusters (Ross, Tom, Andy) will be performing on Friday, April 25 at the Delancey, along with a set of older songs that I havenít done in a few gigs.

I would be recommending this show even I weren't playing in it, as it is a conglomeration of several of my favorite acts in NYC, and also the CD release party for one of said acts.

The lineup:

8pm: Paula Carino and her Galaxy Clusters

9pm: Tom Warnick and the World's Fair

10pm: Basement Band

11pm: The Actual Facts CD release party!!!

12pm: the Gowanus Mautet featuring David Benjoya

Friday: April 25th
The Delancey
168 Delancey Street, btw Clinton and Attorney
Subways: F to Delancey, J,M to Essex

And then on Sunday, April 27, Iíll be performing a couple of songs in a solo fashion at one of Dave Foster's songwriting circles at the moribund Baggot Inn. That should be fun! The Baggot Inn is closing after several years, and Mr Foster is urging folks to play there one last time...

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