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2008-04-20 - 7:55 p.m.

Setting aside, for a moment, their association with skinheads, I axe you: is there any boot more simple and perfect than Doc Martens 1460s?

A new pair of which I have taken under my stewardship this weekend...Doc Martens

DMs enduring, classic design that looks good on men, women, children, plants. They are tough, well-made, and yet supple and comfortable and good for gettin' around.

Doc Martens!

Ever wonder where the expression "whipper-snapper " comes from?

But the big news of the weekend for me: Shine a Light.

I lowered my expectations considerably before attending Scorsese's new film (Stones documentary aficionados take note: Albert Maysles appears here, too, behind and in front of the camera) for a couple of reasons:

I haven't loved (or even much liked) the Stones since 1981 (side one, tracks one and two, and sort of four), and because the boys are 97 years old and I'm afraid someone's gonna break a hip with all the rockin', and because Keith is starting to look uncomfortably like my Polish grandmother, and because no Stones film could possibly be as good as the perfect Gimme Shelter, so I didn't want to compare the two even subconsciously.

Well, my concerns were for naught, because the movie is just great, great fun, a dazzling display of showmanship, humor, and the triumph of preening male vanity and ego over the decay of the flesh.

I shan't even mention the surprise musical guest stars, but I will say that one of them was just right, one of them was a little off, and one of them was too good and blew everyone off the stage.

And although I will never be a Mick fan (it is Keith and Woody I worship), I admit that the guy can sing, and move, and charm a crowd.

Go see it. Bring a lighter.

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