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2008-04-22 - 8:48 a.m.

Apropos of nothin' dept:

I was thinking about Mensa the other day. In my mind, the Mensa organization, Omni Magazine, and the episode of Bob Newhart where Emily joins the "Hi IQ Club" are all inextricably intertwined, so I still think of Mensa as being a phenomenon of the '70s. But apparently, it still exists. Try this quickie IQ test.

Mitch Easter fans may enjoy the recently released EP that he produced, by Raleigh band Birds of Avalon (the record is streaming at that link). It was created in a 100% analog fashion--recorded on a 3M four-track* and mixed on an old Studer...

The music and the recording medium are perfectly suited, being a somewhat trippy prog/psych affair.

* in searching for link for 3M, I found this interesting fan site and blog about the 3M M79

I am also liking the new Teenage Prayers album, it's got a fun-lovin' NY Dolls-y vibe. (Although there needs to be a moratorium on the word "teenage" in band names, at least for then next 10 years or so, Thanks.)

Happy Pennsylvania Primary day! This'll be excitin'.

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