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2008-04-24 - 2:52 p.m.

"...She seems fine with women or men alike, especially if they have cheese..."

(I think if I ever go back to online dating, that line will be the entirety of my profile.)

I am loving the latest Ruby Suns record--probably not an original observation, but it's like world music for people who are slightly squicked out by world music. And I like what they have as their "influences" on their MySpace page.

I have grown to like the band Jucifer since hearing their second album a few years back, and their new one is really intense.

A clumsy analogy: they sorta fill the gap left by the demise of Royal Trux, only with Amber Valentine embodying both Jennifer and Neil. Or more accurately, they are like The Kills if the Kills could shred.

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