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2008-04-26 - 8:57 p.m.

So, the Delancey show was a blast.

We pulled off the new song w/only two rehearsals, and somehow my sore throat-n-cold went away for the 40 minutes we were onstage (and came back moments after.)



Tom Warnick sang like a man possessed, and his band (with new, unphotographed drummer) rocked the house.

TW and the WF

(Hey! That's my guitarist!)

Anthony read some of his book.


The Basement Band played really good country-rock, with lovely harmonies...

Basement Band

I took a breather on the lush roof deck...

The lush roof deck

And then watched the Actual Facts rock excellently...

Actual Facts

Followed by a set of soothing gypsy jazz by the Sweet Lovin' Mutts...

The Sweet Gowanuses

(Hey! That's my bass clarinetist!)

It was fun...

The kids and their crazy new dances

And then this morning I got up early to attend a lovely wedding...

Bride, Children

(The groom is only three, but he's a mature three.)

And tomorrow (Sunday) I'll be playing a few songs at the last-ever Baggot Inn Sunday Songwriters Triangle at 7:30. That should be interesting, too.

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