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2008-05-10 - 1:12 p.m.

New Sam Phillips album a-comin' on June 3! Yay.

There's a nice li'l article about Rebecca and Deena's Song Swap in this weekend's Times.

Just to set the record straight, though: the next swap isn't in June--it's today, so go!

Also, I didn't get choked up singing "Rough Guides," I got choked up singing "Paleo," but that's ok, I'm just pleased that the reporter (who was very nice) got the song lyrics right.

(I'm a little disappointed that she didn't mention Philip).

If I had to write a three-word review of Speed Racer, a movie so bad that I don't even feel like linking to it, I would say, "Gave me epilepsy."

However, Chim Chim the chimpanzee was spectacularly cast and suitably adorable.

All the talk at the water cooler these days is of the platypus genome, which is great cuz I'd forgotten how cool these critters are. Mammal venom!

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