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2008-05-15 - 10:25 a.m.

This is a photo essay entitled Raul Julia on the Bob Newhart Show.



Not sure how this slipped my attention, but Carlene Carter has a new(ish) album and you can listen to it here. It sounds really good to me!

Also a word of praise for YepRoc both as a great label and a great website. You can stream all their latest albums, and their artist pages are complete and easy to navigate, with frequently updated links to recent press, etc. Nice job, YepRoc.

My company is having a "health fair" today, and one of the fun things they are offering is a free "body fat analysis." Cuz it's fun to have someone analyze your body fat in front of your coworkers.

I am offering a competing service at my cube where I just look at people and go, "Yeah, you're fat. That's my analysis."

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