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2008-05-16 - 10:58 a.m.

From the Library of Congress's endlessly amusing Flickr page, a photo that needs no caption (but feel free to provide one):

The New Museum has mapped out the studios of famous downtown artists, past and present, as well as creating a timeline and history of the Bowery. It's fun to explore...the map doesn't go north of 10th Street, and neither should you.

The other night I got around to seeing a film I've heard much about over the past few years. Yes, I finally saw Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

I wanted to like it, but I can't say that I really laughed a lot.

However I concede that this scene is brilliant.

And it did make me want to go to White Castle, so it achieved one of its objectives.

Scrabble is the most boring game in the world. There, I've said it.

And the Jestaplero hits the nail exactly on the head with his post about the California Supreme Court's big decision.

I think we can all agree that travertine is the best of all sedimentary rock.

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