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2008-05-21 - 10:55 a.m.

There was a brief moment in time, in my high-school years, when I fell under the powerful sway of the Jam, and once that happened, it opened a portal whereby Motown music, which I'd previously dismissed as Oldies silliness, suddenly had new meaning for me, and codgers like the Who sparkled in the reflected light of the neo-mods.

It also stoked in me a temporary mania for other mod-revival bands like Secret Affair and the Chords, whose records I would purchase through mail order, which, maddeningly slow, created great anticipation and sheer joy upon arrival.

So I was pretty psyched to see the release of this nice collection by the above-mentioned Chords, which assembles all the singles they released (and didn't release) in their short lifespan.

Here's the band doing their biggest "hit" (not really), "Maybe Tomorrow":

And for reference, here's one o' the greatest songs ever:

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