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2008-05-23 - 11:41 a.m.

I picked up a DVD of the Dog Whisperer show from the library the other day and have been watching it in installments.

I realize that this show is yesterday's newspapers, and there's been a bit of a backlash (backleash? woof!) against Cesar Millan, and his methods are not universally accepted by all dog trainers.

I also flinch a little when he says (repeatedly) "dog owner"--alpha dog or no, I don't like the idea of living beings "owning" other living beings.

But what a great show! What drama! You have to wonder what this man is thinking as he infiltrates the homes of the rich and spoiled and shows them how to man up and take charge of the situation. Squirmy moments abound as he sits on the couch with an aging Hollywood mogul and his trophy wife, or as he talks discipline with a pair of tattooed trustifarian-looking graphic designers.

My favorite episode so far has been the one with Emily, the blood-thirsty pit bull, who he sends to reform school. Wouldn't you love to be here?


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