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2008-05-30 - 10:51 a.m.


One of the more useful aspects (ok, the only useful aspect) of Facebook is the iLike application, which lets you know when your favorite artists are playing in your area (or posting videos and MP3s on their sites, etc.).

I was taken aback to learn that Robyn Hitchcock was going to be playing in "Ridgewood, NJ." Huh? Ridgewood is a wee suburban town in Bergen county--I lived there for several years in my early 20s and some of my family lives in and around there.

And sure enough, there is a new club right around the corner from my old apartment, with a fairly interesting live music line-up: Robyn, Graham Parker, Shelby Lynne, Rickie Lee Jones, etc.

It makes a certain amount of sense, being located right by a commuter train with easy access to Hoboken...But it's still a very weird place for a major concert venue. I hope it succeeds. I would love to combine my family visits with my death metal lifestyle.

The geniuses at the 3M Post-It HQ never stop hitting home-runs. Now they've invented Post-Its that allow you to write in books without actually marking up the book.

This appeals to me because I do like underlining or highlighting passages here and there, so I can copy them later into a notebook for posterity, but I a) read a lot of library books and b) don't ever truly feel right about defacing pages.

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