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2008-06-03 - 10:20 a.m.

It's a simple equation: the more Lemmy merch, the better.

Other simple declarations:

  • While I find some of Frightened Rabbit's material kind of precious (mostly it's the singer's voice and the lack of bridges), the song "Fast Blood" (available for listenin' on their MySpace page) sounds like the noise/harmony of the womb, i.e. the sound that plays constantly inside my skull; familiar and likeable in small doses.

  • The new Sam Phillips album sounds really good to me, although I haven't had time to let any songs emerge as favorites so far.

  • I'm probably the last person in America to adopt Google Reader, but I have come around, and it is, like all things Google, brilliant and useful. I feel like it helps me curb my surfing tendencies and restores blogs to their natural place as social conduits rather than distractions from work.

  • And when the blogs get too wordy, it's soothing and enjoyable to look at these online art portfolios on Behance

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